Classes are open for anyone (17+) to attend even if you’re not sure if you want a permit or if you already have a permit and just want a refresher class. However, all students must register. Please click HERE to register. Seating is limited and is first-come first-served.

For your convenience, optional fingerprinting and photo services will be offered in class for $20 cash. Please be aware that a fingerprint card and passport quality photo are required to be submitted along with your application when applying for your permit. Getting this done in class will save you time and money.

Upon registering for class, you will receive a confirmation email with additional information. Please check your junk box and CONTACT me if this is not received. Another email will be sent about a week before class with a class outline and other articles. Please read these carefully before class.

Classes run from 10:00am to about 4:00pm. Please be early so you can get a good seat and to assure class starts on time. Students must attend the entire class if they want to apply for their concealed firearm permit. No exceptions can be made. Intermittent 5 to 10 minute breaks will be taken throughout class.

Students are encouraged to bring food/snacks, and a copy of the course outline that will be emailed prior to class.

Due to the nature and topic discussed in class, please do not bring children or infants.

Please do not bring firearm(s) or ammunition to class. If you have a valid concealed firearm permit, please keep your firearm holstered and do not show, play, or handle your firearm.

Please visit the FAQ for additional information.